The Authors of the Old Colony: A Summer Reading List (If You Dare)

By Eric B. Schultz

The Old Colony stretches from Rehoboth to Provincetown and from Scituate to Dartmouth. It is the historic home of New Bedford’s whaling fleet and Fall River’s textile factories, the Ames brothers’ shovels and Reed & Barton’s silver. Its soldiers and political leaders range from Myles Standish and Robert Treat Paine to Major General Darius Nash Couch and the brave WWII American GIs buried at the Normandy American Cemetery.

Image from the collection of the Old Colony History Museum

Like a wide wake, rippling

Infinitely into the distance, everything

That ever was still is, somewhere,

Floating near the surface, nursing

Its hunger for you and me

And the now we’ve named

And made a place of.



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